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Claire Anscomb

Photography by Jason Dodd

Claire is an artist and philosopher. She completed her BA in Fine Art at the Winchester School of Art in 2014, following which she undertook both her MA and PhD degrees in History and Philosophy of Art at the University of Kent.

She completed her PhD in 2019 with her doctoral thesis entitled 'On the Significance of Automaticity in Image-Making Practices'. She was the 2021-22 recipient of the British Society of Aesthetics Postdoctoral Award for her project, 'Creating Images with AI', which she worked on in the Philosophy Department at the University of Liverpool. Since September 2022, she has worked as a Lecturer in Fine Art at De Montfort University.

Through the construction of meticulous drawings, Claire explores themes surrounding visibility from the representation of women in public sculpture and "invisible" illnesses, to the use of algorithms in apps designed to beautify individuals. These evidently long, painstaking undertakings aim to encourage attentive and slow looking – a mode of reception which is often at odds with the way we process the subjects of these drawings. Furthermore, by uniting traditional and advanced methods of image-making, such as AI, she aims to make intangible processes and their effects on image production and reception visible.

Claire's philosophical work falls primarily in analytic philosophy of art and aesthetics, and is also concerned with questions that arise around the process of drawing, and its epistemic and affective qualities. Through this work, she also examines issues that arise around "automatic", or labour-saving, ways to produce images, such as photography, in addition to the nature of creativity more broadly. She also edits the peer-reviewed journal Debates in Aesthetics.

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