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Click on any image in the grids to view Claire Anscomb's art full size and scroll through the series.

Visibly Abled, Invisibly Disabled 2015-2016

The drawings made in this series were for an exhibition that was the result of working with the charities Fixers UK and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome UK. The portraits depict several young people who have been diagnosed with the genetic disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). The condition affects the connective tissue in the body and can debilitate sufferers and in some cases affect the sufferer’s length of life. The aim of the portraits is to raise awareness of this little known illness and depict strong young people who are living full, active lives in spite of the condition.

Ephemera Series 2013-2014


The drawings in this broad series are all based upon the creation of new narrative by appropriating and juxtaposing photographs with objects and placing them in the new context of the drawing.


'I am Forever Thinking of You' Series 2013


This series was inspired by Claire's discovery of her deceased grandfather's photographs and letters, taken and written whilst he was serving in the RAF during World War Two. These drawings are a window to the mind of someone who had a wealth of world experience.

'Missing' Series 2012


This series explores the elements that we break images up into, ignoring some aspects and focusing on others, we can loose sight of the overall picture

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